Bara Pattiradjawane

Bara has been a familiar face among food lovers since hosting the Nougat cooking show on Trans TV, and more recently as a judge on Junior Masterchef Indonesia. He has published many cookbooks aimed at the home cook, and founded GulaGoela – a delivery service for homemade sweets. He is the host of the cooking TV show, Gula-Gula (Sweets), which is also the name of his pastry shop. Bara is known for his funk and style. His provides a refreshing show compared to the more formal shows.

Born in Jakarta on July 9, 1964, Bara's passion for cooking began at age 11 in Europe. After finishing his study in Europe in the early 1990s, he came back to Indonesia, working as a journalist for daily newspaper Kompas in Jakarta before starting his career as a marketing officer for a private company. In 1995, he opened a pastry shop called Gula Goela to cater to his passion for sweets.  In 2005, Bara's popularity as a chef rose further when he secured the cooking show, Gula Gula. 

Bara has published two cookbooks, Masak Seru Bareng Si Tukang Masak (Fun Cooking with the Chef) and Catatan Dari Balik Dapur Si Tukang Masak (Memoir from the Chef’s Kitchen).