Lily Yulianti Farid

Lily Yulianti Farid started writing at a young age. In junior high school, her first try at creative writing, a novella titled Kepada Bunda (For Mother), won a prize from Gadis magazine. As an adult, she spent most of her time working as a journalist: first at Kompas newspaper in Jakarta (1996–2000), at Radio Australia in Melbourne (2001–2004), NHK-Radio Japan in Tokyo (2004–2008), and Nytid news magazine in Oslo. 


Between her activities as a journalist, Lily founded and ran a website devoted to citizen journalism, and Makkunrai Project in Makassar, which has staged plays and monologues focusing on gender and women issues. She has released two collections of short stories: Makkunrai and Maiasaura in 2008. Lily obtained her undergraduate degree from Hassanudin University in Makassar. She holds an M.A. in gender studies and development from the University of Melbourne where she is now pursuing her doctoral degree.