Sunlie Thomas Alexander


Sunlie Thomas Alexander was born in Belinyu, Bangka Island on June 7th, 1977. After studying at Visual Communication Design in the Faculty of Fine Arts, Indonesian Institute of Art in Yogyakarta, he completed his studies at Theology- Philosophy in State Islamic University of Sunan Kalijaga in the same city.  He has written short stories, poems, essays, novel, literary criticism, football commentary and fine arts reviews in various mass media in  indonesia  and other countries, also in many common anthologies. His short story books are Malam Buta Yin (The Dark Night of Yin, Gama Media, 2009), Istri Muda Dewa Dapur (The Second Wife of Kitchen God, Ladang Pustaka, 2012), and  Makam Seekor Kuda (Tomb of a Horse, IBC, 2018). While his collected poems was published under in the title Sisik Ular Tangga (Snakes and Ladders, Halaman Indonesia, 2014). Youling Chuan [幽靈船] (The Ghost Ship, Sifang Wen Chuang, 2016) is his collection of short stories and poems published in Chinese in Taiwan (Republic of China). Now he is writing his first novel Kampung Halaman di Negeri Asing (A Homeland in the Foreign Country).