Wednesday, 19 October 2016

World of Senses: Indonesian Cuisine

Chefs: Astrid Enricka, Budi Lee Kurniawan

Every day at the Fair, explore a variety of Indonesian cooking, spices &
ingredients and gain practical cooking knowledge under the guidance of Indonesian master chefs, while learning about nutrition and sustainability.

Venue: Gourmet Gallery (Hall 3.1 K-94)

On Screen: Guest of Honor

In 2015, Indonesia came to Frankfurt as Guest of Honor (GOH), the first Southeast Asian country to have been given this honor. Witness a montage of film clips on Indonesia as GOH in 2015, the work on which began several years before.

Venue: National Stand (Hall 4.0 C-75)

Sound & Motion: Pencak Silat: Basic Moves

Performers: Asril Umay and Ramdani with Ganjar Purnama - CMD

Start each day at the Fair by studying pencak silat, a unique form of martial arts rooted in Malay culture, which combines sport and self-defense moves
with artistic elements, and breathing and spiritual awareness. Today learn a number of basic moves. Musical accompaniment by Ganjar Purnama.

Venue: Island of Imagination (@ Agora) 

A Cup & A Book: Gramedia Pustaka Utama: Big Kid on the Block

Gramedia Pustaka Utama (GPU) is the star player in the Kompas-Gramedia publishing group, the most in uential publisher in Indonesia. GPU’s range of titles is impressive as is its list of authors. Enjoy a cup of coffee while getting to know this company and its authors.

Venue: National Stand (Hall 4.0 C-75) 

Music of the Islands: “The Sound of Poetry”

Performers: Cakrawala Mandala Dvipantara (CMD)

Indonesia has a long history of sung-poetry which continues to this day. From the ancient to the contemporary, poetry is the content of numerous musical styles. Listen to adaptations by the musical group, Cakravala Mandala Dvipantara.

Venue: Island of Imagination (@ Agora) 

Soul Mates: Fact and Fiction

Authors: Seno Gumira Ajidarma, David Van Reybrouck
Moderator: Alexandra Koch

In Jazz, Perfume & the Incident, Indonesian author Seno Gumira Ajidarma asks, “How much of an opportunity does a journalist [in Indonesia] have to speak truth?” David Van Reybrouck, Belgian author of Congo: The Epic History of a People, is now preparing a similar non- ction book on the history of Indonesia. Wherein lies the choice of fact or ction?

Venue: National Stand (Hall 4.0 C-75)

Special thanks to the Flanders-Netherlands FBF-2017 Organizing Committee for its assistance with this event!

In Conversation: Reality Bites

Author: Eka Kurniawan
Discussant: Susan Harris

The novels of Indonesian author Eka Kurniawan might
be written in a magical realism style, but he examines Indonesian history with a keen eye, seeing it for what it is. His books are a microcosm of the country as a whole with a cast of familiar characters.

Venue: Island of Imagination (@ Agora)
Special thanks to Words Without Borders for its assistance with this event!

On Screen-Literary Legends: “In Exile”

Pramoedya Ananta Toer (1925-2006) has frequently been hailed as Indonesia’s greatest writer. Though imprisoned three times on political charges, his voice was never stilled. Agam Wispi (1930-2003) lived in forced exile from 1965 to 1996. Despite many challenges, he too managed to keep his voice alive.

Venue: National Stand (Hall 4.0 C-75)

Show & Tell: Panji: Stories, Masks, and Puppets

Speaker: Lydia Kieven
The so called “Panji Cycle” is made up of stories dating

from nearly a millennium ago yet the cycle is currently undergoing a booming revival. Mask dances, puppet plays, and contemporary art give new life to this rich Javanese cultural heritage in both traditional and new creations.

Venue: Island of Imagination (@ Agora)


A Cup of Comfort: Indonesian Soto

Soto is a traditional Indonesian soup mainly composed of broth, meat, and vegetables. Soto is sometimes considered Indonesia’s national dish, as it is served from Sumatra in the west and Papua in the east, in a wide range of variations. It is truly one of Indonesia’s most common comfort foods. Try a taste and see why!

Venue: National Stand (Hall 4.0 C-75)
Special thanks to BEKRAF, the Creative Economy Agency of Indonesia!

Special Event: New Strategies to Win Millenial Readers

Speaker: Salman Faridi

Bentang Pustaka has achieved great success in exploiting its content—which is mainly attributable to the company’s understanding of younger people’s need for a “snack culture” with high-quality content delivered in abbreviated format. Salman Faridi looks at successful examples of this “snack culture”—and failures as well.

Venue: Business Club (Hall 4.0)

In Translation: In Other Words

Author: Goenawan Mohamad
Discussant: Kathy Bail

Released originally in Indonesia under the title Faith in Writing but in other parts of the world as In Other Words, Goenawan Mohamad’s latest collection of essays gives true meaning to the term “man of letters.” Join a discussion with the author about his career as an essayist.

Venue: Island of Imagination (@ Agora)
Special thanks to New South Books for its assistance with this event! 

Opening of: “Seeing Words” Book Design Exhibition

Speakers: Emir Hakim, Zinnia Nizar

“Seeing Words” is a graphic design exhibition that explores visual art’s ongoing engagement with book writing, a visual interpretation by Indonesian graphic designers of notable literary works. The works in this exhibition embrace language’s more permeable state: its elasticity, its penchant for questions, subtexts, and double meanings. Open throughout the fair.

Venue: National Stand (Hall 4.0 C-75) 


Special Event: The Rijsttafel
Chef/Author: Bara Pattiradjawane

The Indonesian rijsttafel is an elaborate meal adapted by the Dutch in the colonial era. The Dutch introduced the “rice table” not only so they could enjoy a wide array of dishes at a single setting but also to impress visitors with the exotic abundance of their colony.

Venue: Show Kitchen @ Gourmet Gallery (Hall 3.1 L-99) 

On Screen: “Mahamoelia,” Part 1

In the 1920s Isidor Arras Ochse was top-cameraman and director of the Dutch lm production company, Polygoon, in what was then the Dutch East Indies. His 90 minute lm, “Mahamoelia” [Most Precious] was shot from a Dutch perspective. The lm takes the spectator rst to Borneo and then to Sumatra.

Venue: Island of Imagination (@ Agora)
This event was made possible with the assistance of the Netherlands Institute of

Sound and Visio 

T(r)opical Issues: To Let Bones Lie

Author: Eka Kurniawan
Discussant: Hendra Pasuhuk

Fifty years after the tragic events in Indonesia that caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, the International People’s Tribunal in Den Haag pronounced the Indonesian government guilty of crimes against humanity. The Indonesian government says that it will conduct its own investigation. Will it?

Venue: National Stand (Hall 4.0 C-75) 

The Spoken Word: There is No New York Today

Author: M. Aan Mansyur
German Reader: Marius Hulpe

Popular Indonesian poet, M. Aan Mansyur, reads from his most recent best-selling collection of poems, There is No York Today which he created especially for the immensely popular lm “Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? 2” [What’s Up with Love 2].

Venue: Island of Imagination (@ Agora)
This event was made possible with the assistance of the Goethe Institute (Jakarta 

Tea Time with Publishers: Fiction Titles

Have a cup of tea while discussing with Indonesian publishers the latest Indonesian content in the eld of ction. Meet a number of Indonesian authors as well!

Venue: National Stand (Hall 4.0 C-75) 

Musical Soirée: “Jali-jali: A New Wave of Keroncong”

MC: Claudia Grothoff
Performers: Cakravala Mandala Dvipantara

Jali-jali, a plant grown by the Betawi people of Jakarta, is also the title of a keroncong song and keroncong is
a very popular form of Indonesian music with a strong Portuguese in uence. Listen to a youthful interpretation of classic keroncong music.

Venue: Island of Imagination (@ Agora)