Islam, the Faith of Love and Happiness

What does Islam say about love and the pursuit of happiness? Renowned Indonesian author, Haidar Bagir, addresses this question in his most recent publication, recently published in English translation by Kube Publishing of London. At the launch of this book, Dr. Bagir will show you how to find happiness in your daily life. Through touching stories, humorous anecdotes, and profound insights into the spiritual realm that draw on sacred Islamic teachings, Dr. Bagir shines a brilliant light on to the importance of happiness and love in Islam. At the heart of his message Dr. Bagir challenges us to shift our understanding of Islam from a law-orientated religion to a love-orientated one instead. Dr Bagir will be signing copies of his new book, following the talk. 


Haidar Bagir


Al-Manar Cultural Centre (244 Acklam Rd, London, W10 5YG)