My name is Raib, it means gone. I’m fifteen years old and a tenthgrader. I’m an ordinary girl, just like you, your little sisters, or your neighbors. I have two cats, Whitey and Blackie. My...



Seli is fifteen, a tenth-grader. She’s just like other teenagers. She listens to the famous songs, goes to the fast food restos and the movies, watches the popular TV-series, and does lots of...


Favourite Mystery Series — The Mystery of a Museum in Batavia

Leondii’s world seems to stop turning! His father, a museum curator, is accused of stealing a famous painting. Leondii does not sit still. Together with his best friend, Dean, who is a...


The Mystery of the Old City

A mysterious old man is spying on Beno’s house! Beno follows the mysterious old man. But the old man is said to be missing after quarreling with a man with a scar. With the helo of his new...


Favourite Mystery Series — The Mystery of the Pearl Beach

Aunty Linda’s pearls are missing! Resti’s vacation at Amora’s home in Lombok turns into an adventure to find the missing pearls. Resti and Amora find difficulties in their search...


Favourite Mystery Series — The Mystery of the Haunted Park

You must leave the park immediately. There’s a thief ghost!” Daeng Tinggi who is wearing all-black costume gives a warning. The twin Laras and Sekar, exchange look. A thief ghost? It completes the...