Four young women are in search of their sexuality: shy Laila, the almost perfect Yasmin, Shakuntala the rebel, and the wild Cok. A man from their teenage years, Saman, is an activist targeted by...



My name is Raib, it means gone. I’m fifteen years old and a tenthgrader. I’m an ordinary girl, just like you, your little sisters, or your neighbors. I have two cats, Whitey and Blackie. My...


31 Cerita Bada Isya 3

31 stories of Bada Isya is one of the best alternative readings of Islamic book for children. Not only for a bedtime stories, but also easy to digest so that the children can take lessons and...


Komik Sunnah Itu Mudah

There are many kinds of Sunnah in our daily life taught by Prophet Muhammad. What are they? One good practice is to wipe your face when you wake up. You will be rewarded for such an easy practice...


Grey & Jingga - the Twilight

The love story of Grey and Jingga is like the color of dawn. The orange sky of dawn is always better with grey clouds, as they are eternal mates. This is the story of Grey & Jingga. Grey and...


The Raid

At the break of dawn, a special force team raids an apartment block inhabited by gang members in Jakarta. The team’s mission is to arrest the owner: a drug lord, murderer and ruthless villain...