Four young women are in search of their sexuality: shy Laila, the almost perfect Yasmin, Shakuntala the rebel, and the wild Cok. A man from their teenage years, Saman, is an activist targeted by...



My name is Raib, it means gone. I’m fifteen years old and a tenthgrader. I’m an ordinary girl, just like you, your little sisters, or your neighbors. I have two cats, Whitey and Blackie. My...


A Test for Prince Samaratungga

Prince Samaratungga fell in love with the beautiful Dewi Tara. When the prince proposed her, Dewi Tara asked him two questions. Prince Samaratungga should think harder in a very short time. Could...


The Brave Queen Nukila

The first time Portuguese arrived at Ternate Kingdom, the Queen, Nukila, welcomed their coming and allowed them to build the fort. Accidentally, their plan to attack the Kingdom revealed. The wise...


Premium Interactive Content Resources

AmazingEdu Premium Interactive Content Resources is a large repository of of over 2000 Premium Animations and Simulations that can be embedded into Digital Textbooks and Learning Management...


AmazingEdu - Primary Mathematics Vol A, B, C

AmazingEdu is an E-Learning software as a teaching and learning tool for teachers and students. It provides comprehensive and flexible resources for Educational use with holistic concepts...