London Book Fair 2018 - Day 3

All Indonesians should be very proud to know that Indonesia is now officially the Market Focus Country for the London Book Fair 2019. This year’s handover from the Baltic countries to Indonesia, held today, went very smoothly and amiably. All the ambassadors from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia sincerely promised the ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia, Dr. Rizal Sukma that they would be more than happy to share their experience and provide assistance whenever needed. The Indonesian ambassador thanked them for their kindness and promised to do his best next year to at least match the Baltic countries’ success story.

The ceremony was opened with a speech from the director of the LBF Jacks Thomas who was very excited to have Indonesia as the LBF Market Focus Country next year and will make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. Cortina Butler, the Director of Literature from the British council also made a very supportive speech saying that after building understanding with the Baltic countries through a strong literary connection the British is very happy to continue the same connection with Indonesia.

Around 200 hundred people attended the ceremony and after the handover was done there was a sense of relief for everyone involved. The handover also meant that the work to prepare for the next year LBF can begin for the Indonesian LBF committee. Financially, the ministry of Bekraf will be taking central responsibility, supported by the ministry of Education and Culture. Ricky Pesik from the ministry of Bekraf is looking forward to show the world the Indonesia’s 170 Islands of imagination next year at the LBF2019 through its culture and literature.

As for the sale of rights, according to Nung Atasana, from the Indonesian Publishers Association, we didn’t exceed our target but nevertheless managed to yield a satisfactory result at the end. There were 14 countries showing interest in 135 book titles and a couple of series. 14 rights were sold to 4 different countries namely China being the biggest buyer followed by France, UK and the USA.

Books have been boxed and stands dismantled ready for the next experience in another International book fair. The promotion of Indonesian literary to the International audiences will hopefully continue to grow between now and the next LBF.