“The Island of Demons” (1933, 75 mins)

A masterpiece of ethnographic cinematography – shown publicly again for the first time. Bali – the last paradise on earth or real Utopia? The inhabitants of the Balinese village Bedulu live happy and contented lives in harmony with nature. Wajan, the son of the village witch falls in love with Sari, daughter of a respected businessman, who opposes the love affair.  The film portrays the story of the young couple, the demonic forces and the social difficulties that try to stand in the way of their love.  As ornithologist and ethnologist, Baron von Plessen made several lengthy expeditions to Indonesia between 1929 and 1938. The film “Island of Demons” was shot on location in Bali with Balinese lay actors and saw its world premiere in German cinemas on 16 February 1933. www.weltkulturenmuseum.de    

Weltkulturen Cinema, Schaumainkai 29-37, 60594 Frankfurt am Main
A film by Victor, Baron von Plessen, Friedrich Dalsheim and Walter Spies