Dian Pelangi

Born on January 14, 1991 in Palembang, Dian Pelangi graduated from Ecole Superieur des Arts et Techniques de la Mode (ESMOD) with a very satisfying grade in 2008. Known as a multitalented designer, Dian Pelangi brings colour and excitement to the local and international moslem fashion scene. Dian draws inspiration from the colours of the rainbow and she passionately mines Indonesia’s heritage for her inspiration, from vivid tie-dye and exquisite songket to lavish batik. Dian Pelangi is the main designer of Dian Pelangi company, one of the nation’s leading moslem fashion house.


Hikmat Darmawan

Hikmat Darmawan (Bandung, West Java, May 22, 1970) has been active in many cultural communities since 2000, co-founding the Musyawarah Burung community to accommodate a common passion for cultural and art activities. From virtual discussions, the  Musyawarah Burung community developed concrete projects such as piano recitals, poetry readings and cultural orations. He also co-founded Akademi Samali in 2005. It is a comic community dedicated to exploring possibilities for Indonesian comic artistic and industrial development.


Ratih Kumala

Ratih Kumala was born in Jakarta, in 1980 and studied in Sebelas Maret University of Surakarta-Indonesia, majoring in English Literature. She is the author of six fictions; Tabula Rasa (novel), Genesis (novel), Larutan Senja (collected fiction), Kronik Betawi (novel), Gadis Kretek (novel), and Bastian dan Jamur Ajaib (collected fiction).



Linda Christanty

Linda Christanty is an author and journalist. The woman who was born on Bangka Island on March 18, 1970, has a fairly long track record in literature and journalism in Indonesia.

Her writing has been recognized by various awards including the national literary award in Indonesia (Khatulistiwa Literary Award 2004 and 2010), award from the Language Center of the Ministry of National Education (2010 and 2013), and The Best Short Stories version by Kompas daily (1989). 


Bara Pattiradjawane

Bara has been a familiar face among food lovers since hosting the Nougat cooking show on Trans TV, and more recently as a judge on Junior Masterchef Indonesia. He has published many cookbooks aimed at the home cook, and founded GulaGoela – a delivery service for homemade sweets. He is the host of the cooking TV show, Gula-Gula (Sweets), which is also the name of his pastry shop. Bara is known for his funk and style. His provides a refreshing show compared to the more formal shows.


Sisca Soewitomo

Jati holds a Master of Business and Administration (MBA) degree from Gadjah Mada University and a Bachelor’s degree on Economics from Universitas Indonesia. Jati was trained in Economics with concentration in Human Resources Economics. His extensive experience on quantitative research projects and interest in social and economics research led him to join Center on Child Protection (PUSKAPA).


Okky Madasari

She received Khatulistiwa Literary Award 2012 for her novel Maryam (2012) that tells the story of the outcast people due to the different belief and have to live years in refuge.


Lily Yulianti Farid

Lily Yulianti Farid started writing at a young age. In junior high school, her first try at creative writing, a novella titled Kepada Bunda (For Mother), won a prize from Gadis magazine. As an adult, she spent most of her time working as a journalist: first at Kompas newspaper in Jakarta (1996–2000), at Radio Australia in Melbourne (2001–2004), NHK-Radio Japan in Tokyo (2004–2008), and Nytid news magazine in Oslo. 



Agustinus Wibowo

AGUSTINUS WIBOWO lahir di Lumajang, 8 Agustus 1981, adalah seorang penulis narasi perjalanan (nonfiksi), fotografer, jurnalis, sekaligus penerjemah. Dia menyelesaikan pendidikan S-1 Ilmu Komputer di Universitas Tsinghua, Beijing, China. Agustinus sempat menjadi jurnalis di Afghanistan selama tiga tahun. Dua buku pertama (Selimut Debu dan Garis Batas) berkisah tentang pengalaman dan pengamatannya tentang kehidupan di Asia Tengah.


Ahda Imran

AHDA IMRAN lahir di Payakumbuh, 10 Agustus 1966; seorang penyair dan esais Indonesia.  Puisi, esai, kritik dimuat di sejumlah media massa dan jurnal. Selama 12 tahun bekerja membantu desk budaya Harian Umum Pikiran Rakyat Bandung.  Selain sebagai penyair dan esais, Ahda juga pernah menulis beberapa naskah drama, salah satunya adalah seri teater Monolog 3 Perempuan, yang ditulis bersama dengan Gunawan Maryanto dan Djenar Maesa Ayu. Pada 2013, ia menulis naskah untuk Monolog Inggit Garnasih yang dimainkan oleh Happy Salma dan disutradarai oleh Wawan Sofwan.