Thomas Nung Atasana

Thomas Nung Atasana is the Director of Borobudur Agency, a literary agency established by the Indonesian Publishers Association to promote and license Indonesian content abroad. He was Chief Editor and International Marketing General Manager within Kompas Gramedia publishing group.  He is in charge of Literary Promotion for International Rights Licensing of the National Book Committee.


Lucya A. Dewi

Lucya A. Dewi is one of the founders and chairperson of Bumi Aksara Publisher since 1990. She was also the president of Indonesia Book Publisher Association (IKAPI) in the period of 2010-2015 and ASEAN Book Publisher Association in 2013-2015. Currently, she is the Chairperson for the Board Advisory of IKAPI and Literacy Development Coordinator of the National Book Committee. 


Dewi Noviami

Dewi Noviami is the Literary Funding Program Coordinator of the National Book Committee. Since 1994 she focused on translating German drama. She also specialized in dramaturgy for which she has been involved in several theater festivals and productions. As a member of the Jakarta Arts Council she headed the Program Department (2010-2013) and the Theater Committee (2013-2016).


Dessy Sekar A. Chamdi

Dessy Sekar A. Chamdi has developed her skills as literacy campaigner & facilitator since 2003 in Indonesian Reading Forum & Indonesian Community Libraries Forum and honed her cognizance at several literary & film festivals as well as workshops' facilitation. She is assigned as Public Relations Coordinator of the National Book Committee.


Yani Kurniawan

Yani Kurniawan is a rights agent for Tuttle-Mori Agency, Co. Ltd. He started his career in publishing as a copyright coordinator for Serambi Publisher in 2007 until 2010. He is joining the National Book Committee and handles Literary Promotion and Publishing Rights.