Kurnia Effendi /web/author-n-artist/kurnia-effendi

Kurnia Effendi was born in Tegal, October 20, 1960. Writing first time for mass media in 1978 through magazine Gadis, Aktuil, and Sinar Harapan newspaper. In the 80's, he participated in many fiction writing competitions and won about 30 awards, 8 of them in first place.

Mario F. Lawi /web/author-n-artist/mario-f-lawi

Mario F. Lawi was born in Kupang, Timor, East Nusa Tenggara. On Februari 19, 2011, he and several writers in Kupang initiated Dusun Flobamora literary community, which keied up weekly literary discussion and monthly literary bulletin. He wrote four poetry books, including Memoria (Memory) which was awarded by Tempo Magazine as one of 2013 Recommended Poetry Book; Ekaristi (Eucharist) by Tempo Magazine as the Best Indonesian Poetry Book of the Year in 2014.

Naomi Srikandi /web/author-n-artist/naomi-srikandi

Naomi Srikandi is a Yogyakarta based writer and theater maker whose works include writings and performances using aesthetics as a framework for investigating the questions how every day life images, sounds, languages as such retroact to politics. She studied Social and Political Sciences in Gadjah Mada University and underwent artist-in-residence programs hosted by DasArts Master School of Theater, Amsterdam and Hooyong Performing Arts Centre, Wonju. In 1994-2016 she was a core member of a 2013 Prince Claus laureate, Teater Garasi, where she also served as associate artistic director.

Ni Made Purnama Sari /web/author-n-artist/ni-made-purnama-sari

Ni Made Purnama Sari was born in Bali, March 22nd, 1989, writes poetry, prose, and essays. She received several awards: Anugerah Hari Puisi Indonesia (National Poetry Award) 2014 for her poetry book entitled Bali-Borneo, and Second Prize in Indonesian Poetry Book Manuscript from the Jakarta Arts Council 2015 (entitled Kawitan or Ancestors and was published by Gramedia Pustaka Utama in 2016).

Norman Erikson Pasaribu /web/author-n-artist/norman-erikson-pasaribu

NORMAN ERIKSON PASARIBU was born in Jakarta in 1990. His writings appeared in Asymptote Journal, Cordite Poetry Review, Asia Literary Review among others. His first short story collection Hanya Kamu yang Tahu Berapa Lama Lagi Aku Harus Menunggu (Only You Know How Much Longer I Should Wait) was shortlisted for the 2014 Khatulistiwa Literary Award for Prose. His debut poetry collection Sergius Mencari Bacchus (Sergius Seeks Bacchus) won first prize in the 2015 Jakarta Arts Council Poetry Manuscript Competition.

Dewi Kharisma Michellia /web/author-n-artist/dewi-kharisma-michellia

Dewi Kharisma Michellia was born in Denpasar, Bali, in 1991. Her stories had been published in several Indonesia’s respected newspapers, such as Koran Tempo, Jawa Pos, Jakartabeat, Media Indonesia, Bali Post, Indoprogress, and many more. Some of her short stories were also published in anthologies.

Nuril Basri /web/author-n-artist/nuril-basri

Nuril Basri was born in March, 1985 in a small village in Tangerang, Indonesia. He has worked as an internet shop operator, cashier, private tutor, a secretary in a Korean embassy, account manager, etc. Now he works as a waiter in hotels and cruise ships, while finding time for writing.

Zen Hae /web/author-n-artist/zen-hae

Zen Hae writes poetry, short stories, and literary criticism.  Born in Jakarta, April 12, 1970, he graduated from the Department of Indonesian Language and Literature at IKIP Jakarta (now State University of Jakarta). He has produced three books: a collection of short stories Rumah Kawin (The Wedding House, KataKita, 2004), a book of poems, Paus Merah Jambu (The Pink Whale, Akar Indonesia, 2007), and a trilingual edition of his short stories The Red Bowl and Other Stories (Lontar, 2015).

Avianti Armand /web/author-n-artist/avianti-armand

Avianti Armand is an architect, curator, writer and poet. In 2008 she received the Indonesian Association of Architects Award for her "Kampung Rumah" (Rumah Kampung). She received the award of Best Kompas Best Short Story in 2009, the Khatulistiwa Literary Award in 2011 for her collection of poems, "Women Whose Names Were Erased", and recently published a collection of poems titled "A Book About Space". She has also written several architecture books, one of which is a collection of essays "The Other Architecture".

M Aan Mansyur /web/author-n-artist/m-aan-mansyur

M Aan Mansyur was born in Bone, South Sulawesi. He works as a librarian at Katakerja and program curator for the Makassar International Writers Festival. He writes poetry, prose, and essays. His published books including a compilation of short stories Kukila (2012), and poetry books Aku Hendak Pindah Rumah (2008), Tokoh-tokoh yang Melawan Kita dalam Satu Cerita (2012), Melihat Api Bekerja (2015), Tidak Ada New York Hari Ini – There Is No New York Today (2016), Cinta yang Marah (2017), and Perjalanan Lain Menuju Bulan (2017).