Sergius Sutanto /web/author-n-artist/sergius-sutanto

Sergius Sutano, a writer and film director, lives on suburd of Jakarta. Start writing since his childhood and juvenile in various newspapers and magazines (Sinar Harapan, Suara Karya, Suara Pembaruan, Kawanku, and Zaman). He loves very much to take part in writing competitions.

Sartika Sari /web/author-n-artist/sartika-sari

Sartika Sari was born in Medan June 1, 1992. She is active in the Laboratory of Literature (Laboratorium Sastra) in Medan, Omong-Omong Sastra , and several literary discussion forums. She once won the competition of writing and reading poetry, writing short stories, and essays on local and national level.

Setiadi Sopandi /web/author-n-artist/setiadi-sopandi

Setiadi Sopandi is a professional architect, lecturer, and architectural historian. He is born, raised, living, and practicing architecture in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia, but frequently teaches in Universitas Pelita Harapan in Karawaci. Between his routine designing architecture, Setiadi is actively involved in research, archiving, and writing things about architecture, especially on architects and architectural works in the 20th century Indonesia.

Shinta Febriany Sjahrir /web/author-n-artist/shinta-febriany-sjahrir

Shinta Febriany is a poet, playwright, and theater director. She lives in Makassar. She works at Kala Theater as an Artistic Director and curator for the Makassar International Writers Festival. Her published poetry books Aku Bukan Masa Depan (2003) and Gambar Kesunyian di Jendela (2017).

Dadang Ari Murtono /web/author-n-artist/dadang-ari-murtono

Dadang Ari Murtono was born and now lives in Mojokerto, East Java. He writes poems, short stories, novels, and scripts. Some of his writings were published on Kompas, Koran Tempo, Jawa Pos, Media Indonesia, Esquire,,, and many more. Some of his books that have been published are Ludruk Kedua (the collection of poems, 2016) and Samaran (novel, 2018).

Albert Rahman Putra /web/author-n-artist/albert-rahman-putra

lbert Rahman Putra was born 1991, 31 October at Solok, mostly called Albert, he is a writer and media activist based in Solok, West Sumatra. He Graduated from Indonesian of Art Institute (Padangpanjang) focused on ethnic music studies (2009-2015). In 2011, he is a founder of non-profit organization “Gubuak Kopi” an art and media studies with community base.

Niduparas Erlang /web/author-n-artist/niduparas-erlang

Niduparas Erlang was born in Serang Banten, October 11, 1986. He writes short stories and essays. His first collection of short stories, La Rangku (2011) was named the best collection at the Surabaya Art Festival in 2011, his second collection, Penanggung Tiga Butir Lada Hitam di Dalam Pusar (2015) won the 2015 Siwa Nataraja Award. And his third collection, La Rangku; Yang Terlahir dari Keriangan dan Kehilangan (2017).