About The National Book Committee

Indonesia’s publishing industry has gain an incredible momentum following the success of its rendition as a guest of honor in the 2015 Frankfurt Book Fair. Publishers partake the exhibition with an excellent preparation and they dynamically engage the visitors. The national booth is constantly crowded with keen professionals who showed fascination towards Indonesia’s publishing commodity.

This success should be exercised as the rise of Indonesian literacy in the world. In the past, Indonesian publishers attend exhibitions with an agenda to purchase translation rights of foreign books, but today, as a guest of honor in the 2015 Frankfurt Book Fair, the effort is intensified on focusing towards copyright sales. During the event, more than 400 Indonesian titles have garnered foreign publishers’ interests to obtain the translation right, which shows potential and competitive power of Indonesia’s creatives to tackle the international market.

To harness this momentum and to introduce Indonesian writers and literary works worldwide, there has been formed the National Book Committee under guidance of Ministry of Education and Culture in the beginning of 2016.