Second Round Announcement Seed-Grants For Indonesia’s Market-Focus Country Fringe Programme

The National Organising Committee for Indonesia as Market Focus Country
at the 2019 London Book Fair is offering a second round of seed grants for the purpose
of enhancing knowledge of Indonesia in the UK.


In conjunction with Indonesia’s appearance as “Market Focus Country” at the 2019 London Book Fair, the National Organising Committee for Indonesia as Market Focus Country at the 2019 London Book Fair (NOC-LBF) established a seed-grants programme for organisations in the U.K. of up to 5,000 GBP for the purpose of organising and staging activities or events that enhance and foster public knowledge of Indonesia via the creative sector, specifically concerning Indonesian culture, language, and literature. These events form part of Indonesia’s “Market Focus Country Fringe Programme,” whose goal is to build on and accentuate the promotion of Indonesia’s appearance as Market Focus Country at the 2019 London Book Fair (March 12-14, 2019). With funding provided by BEKRAF, Indonesia’s Creative Economy Agency, partners in this venture are the Indonesian Embassy in London, PPI-UK (the U.K. Indonesian Students Association), and the British Council.

In February, the first announcement of this programme was made and, based on the proposals that were submitted, ten organizations were selected to receive funding:

  1. Centre for Creative Writing at De Montfort University
  2. Deptford Cinema
  3. Emma Press
  4. filmpro limited
  5. Heart of Glass
  6. Marlborough Productions CIC
  7. Neighbours Collective
  8. Pavilion
  9. Poetry Translation Centre
  10. UCL IoE Centre for Education and International Development (CEID)


Grant applications from several other organisations are still under consideration. Meanwhile, further information about the successful proposals may be seen on the NOC’s website at

Now, the National Organising Committee is pleased to announce a second round of funding for this programme.

Eligible Activities and Organisations

Activities or events that might be considered for seed-grant funding include (but are not limited to) seminars, lectures, poetry slams, book readings, discussions, theatrical performances, film screenings, poster competitions, Indonesian language classes, photographic exhibitions, workshops, artistic collaborations, etc. The more imaginative and participatory the proposed event, the better—so as to show to as many people as possible in the UK that Indonesia is a rich source of both artistic and intellectual content and creative talent. It must be stressed again, however, that a priority will be given to proposals which highlight Indonesian authors and their books. Additional priority is given to projects that are undertaken outside of London.

All events chosen for inclusion in Indonesia’s LBF Fringe Programme will be branded under the “17,000 Islands of Imagination” theme and will be promoted through the websites of NOC, the Indonesian Embassy in London, PPI-Uk, and the British Council as well as through print media.

Grants will be awarded to such organisations as university departments, student organisations, community-based arts organisations, literature festivals, literature development agencies, literary magazines, film clubs, libraries, book stores, etc.

For legal reasons, grants may be awarded only to organisations (not individuals) with a British tax identification number. If an applicant-organisation has a strong proposal but no tax ID, the NOC or BC will be happy to help identify a suitable partner organisation.

Interested organisations must complete the on-line application form (link: here) and supply all the material requested. Incomplete application forms will not be considered. Organisations that are awarded seed grants will be required to fulfill all terms of the grant, including documentation of the activity and submission of a final project report or will be required to return the funds awarded to them to NOC-LBF.

Information to Prepare for On-Line Application Form

  1. Name and address of applicant organisation:
  2. Name and contact information for person submitting the application:
  3. Proposed title of event:
  4. Location:
  5. Date(s) of proposed Event: ……………. (Proposed fringe events must be held during the time period 30 April and 30 August 2019.)
  6. A narrative description of “The Project,” including the following sections:
  1. Project Description.  Include here specifics on the individuals and partners you will work with; a time-line and draft run-down of the event; the event’s target audience; how many people might be expected to participate in the event; and how the event will be promoted. (Up to 200 words.)
  2. Objectives. Explain the goals of the project and how the project will meet the objectives stated above. What kind of impact do you expect this project to have? (Up to 200 words.)
  3. Organisational Experience. Describe your organisation and its goals as well as how the project fits strategically with your work. (Up to 200 words.)
  1. Budget

Provide a breakdown of expenses and how much you are requesting. Items that may be covered include travel costs, speakers’ fees, venue rental, food and non-alcoholic beverages, and others. Items that will not be covered include salaries, management fees, and overhead. Applicant organisations should not expect the NOC to cover all costs. In fact, the more sponsors and matching funds that the applicant organisation is able to secure, the stronger the application will be. If your organisation is providing in-kind of assistance (promotion, marketing, venues and so on) place a value on that assistance and include it in the budget.

  1. Support Documents (if any)

Support documents might include anything that helps to strengthen the proposal: CVs of key project personnel, Clippings about or links to past events organised by the applicant-organisation.

Selection Process and Time Line

Applications will be judged by a jury consisting of individuals representing the partner organisations in this venture. Jury members must recuse themselves from evaluating or voting on proposals of organisations they belong to. Jury members may not serve on the organising committee of any proposed activity. All decisions will be final and not subject to dispute.

As indicated above, proposals that are collaborative in nature and which are building new connections and introducing new voices in Indonesian literature to the U.K. will be prioritised in the decision-making process. Successful applicants will receive 80% of the funds requested upon approval of the application and 20% after the final report on the event is submitted.

The time line for this second-round of funding for the Fringe Programme is as follows:

  • Call for applications: April 5, 2019
  • Deadline for submission of second round of applications: May, 15 2019.
  • Selection process: May 16 to May 20, 2019
  • Announcement of successful second-round applications: May 30, 2019

Successful applicants will be required to evaluate the results of their activity against their proposal and submit a written report to the NOC within two weeks of completion of the project. We welcome any questions about this programme before the 15 May deadline. Please contact [email protected]