Translation Funding Program

LitRI Translation Grant

LitRI is a program intended to foster the translation of Indonesian literature and other works about Indonesian culture into foreign languages. Run by the National Book Committee of Indonesia’s Ministry of Education and Culture, LitRI provides financial assistance to foreign publishers who have purchased translation rights for works of Indonesian literature and other titles of literary quality (including fiction, nonfiction, children's books, and comic books).

The LitRI program will permit foreign readers to access Indonesian literature in their own respective languages and, in so doing, give them the opportunity to learn about Indonesia's cultural richness and intellectual wealth. With the aim of fostering greater circulation of Indonesian literature worldwide and increasing the visibility of books by Indonesian authors in the global market, LitRI provides funding for applications approved by the National Book Committee.

Foreign publishers who apply for assistance from this program must submit the following documents to our e-mail address:

  •  Completed application form;
  • Contract with the proprietor (publishers/agents/authors) proving that the copyright owner has granted permission to publish the work in question;
  • Contract with the translator;
  • Translator's CV;
  • Translation sample and the original text.

The deadline for final application submission is July 31, 2020.
The deadline for submitted final translation works is Oktober 31, 2020

For all inquiries about this program, feel free to contact our e-mail address:
[email protected]