Albert Rahman Putra

Residency Destination: Lombok Utara

Email: [email protected]

lbert Rahman Putra was born 1991, 31 October at Solok, mostly called Albert, he is a writer and media activist based in Solok, West Sumatra. He Graduated from Indonesian of Art Institute (Padangpanjang) focused on ethnic music studies (2009-2015). In 2011, he is a founder of non-profit organization “Gubuak Kopi” an art and media studies with community base. Collectivity with Gubuak Kopi, he active to produce and distribute studies about art, media literation, and empowerment through creative activities, organizing collaborate between professional (artist, writer, researcher) and participant from society, local media development and organized archive, and also alternative space for the sake of cultural awareness at the grassroots level in the local scope of his hometown.

Since 2012, Albert one of active contributor for AKUMASSA, organized by Forum Lenteng. In 2013 he and a few friends build up a discussion room and music study of OTARABUMALAM, the program in 2014 assembled to a sub-program of periodical music presentation space: "Musik Tanpa Batas" which is now managed as the main program by the Student Association Department (HMJ) Seni Karawitan ISI Padangpanjang. Other than since 2014 he is also active in movement with Orkes Taman Bunga music group as a manager. In 2017, Albert and friends in Gubuak Kopi become a workshop participant of AKUMASSA Solok, and after that, he becomes more active to arrange arts phenomenon based on media and also become an art curator for many projects and exhibitions in West Sumatra.  Last year, October 2017 Albert became one of Indonesia's young leaders highlighted by Kompas of his creative and progressive actions with the Gubuak Kopi Community as a knowledge development of socio-cultural in Solok.