Esha Tegar Putra

Residency Destination: Bosnia

Email: [email protected]

Esha Tegar Putra was born in Solok on 29th of April 1985. Graduated as bachelor of Indonesian Language and Literature Department in Andalas University and earned master degree in Indonesian Language and Literature Department in University of Indonesia. Has written poetry, prose, play script and several researches on language and literature. Invited and participated in various events which are Ubud Writers & Readers Festival (2009), Utankayu-Salihara Biennale (Jakarta, 2011), Korean-Asean Poet Literary Festival (2009), Convention of Indonesian Authors (2012), Asean Literary Festival (2015), Literature & Ideas Festival (LIFEs) of Salihara (2017). Known for the writer of Pinangan Orang Ladang (2009), Dalam Lipatan Kain (2015), Sarinah (2016). One of his playscript has honored a reward from Rawayan Award of Jakarta Arts Council in 2017. Publication of works are attached at