Halim Bahriz

Residency Destination: NTB

Email: [email protected]

Halim Bahriz was born in Lumajang, East Java. His literary activity stems from the world of theater and fine arts. Has been the chairman of UKM Kesenian University of Jember (2019-2010), been part of division of art studies and performances Rumah Baca and Kelompok Tikungan Indonesia (2011-2013). Once elected as a trainee; Lokakarya Kritik Seni Rupa dan Kurator Muda of Jakarta Arts Council and Ruang Rupa (2014), Bengkel Riset dan Penulisan Naskah Drama Jakarta Art Council and Studio Hanafi (2015), workshop sutradara Toshiki Okada Art Summit Indonesia VIII, workshop seni pertunjukan Galeri Indonesia Kaya (2016 ). Kolektor Mitos is his first short story book. His writings had a number of contests: Lengger Lanang dan Kesaksian Otniel Tasman, the first winner (general category) The 4th ASEAN Literary Festival; Two theatrical texts, Notasi Lendir dan Igauan DNA yang Mencari Telinga Kita, received the award of Rawayan Awards Jakarta Arts Council (2017); Kamis Lebam dan Tiga Perempuan, became the best poems in the title of the Proyek Seni Indonesia Berkabung (2015); titled poetry, Momen Menginap di Suatu Tubuh, first winner of Festival Sastra UGM 2015. Invited as speaker (2017), poet (2018), for national literature discussion forum PKKH UGM. In addition to managing On / Off Alternative, he occasionally provides writing training and theater workshops in a number of schools and colleges.