Hikmat Darmawan

Residency Destination: UK

Email: [email protected]

Hikmat Darmawan writes for Indonesian national medias since 1994, with huge interest in culture and art. A critic whose coverage is literature, movies, comics and music. He also wrote essays on Islamic issues with cultural perspective. He writes poems and short stories and involved in radio programming since 1996, or became editor in Serambi Publishing, Mizan group, and Madina magazine as well as editor for several independent publications. Most of his essays, critics, poems and short stories are compiled and published into 22 books that were launched together on 22 May 2018 in Tempo Institute, Jakarta. Those books were published in multiplatform publishing (on line and print on demand mode of publishing by bookslife.co) with exception of Sebulan di Negeri Manga (A Month in Manga Country) that was published by Gramedia. Sebulan di Negeri Manga was also soft-launched in Makassar International Writers Festival 2018.

Hikmat is also an activist of Indonesian art and cultural movements. He was a consultant and facilitator of comics for conflict resolution in 2003-2004, working in conflict areas of Poso, Kalimantan, and Madura with Common Ground Indonesia. In 2005, he cofounded Akademi Samali with Beng Rahadian, a collective and NGO in the field of comics. In 2007 he also cofounded Rumah Film, a media and collective for movie critics and published with his fellow critics a book titled Menjegal Film Indonesia, an arguably the first comprehensive study of Indonesian film infrastructure. In 2014, Hikmat was appointed as deputy of chairman of Indonesian Arts Coalition, and developed a wider networks of artists and cultural activists in many parts of Indonesia such as Palu, Lombok, Kupang, Makassar, Pekan Baru, etc., while he continued to advocates policies for the betterment of Indonesian movie ecosystem through his recent post as the head of Film committee in Jakarta Arts Council since 2016.

As an independent researcher on popular culture and cultural studies, Hikmat had been active as curator in visual arts exhibitions and events since 2007. He conducted a yearlong research between 2010 to 2011 in Japan and Thailand on the topic of globalization of manga subculture. It was part of the API (Asian Public Intellectuals) program from Nippon Foundation. Hikmat was a curator with Mr. Iwan Gunawan for comics program in Frankfurt Book Fair 2015 –with Indonesia as the guest of honor. Between 2016-2017, he was a curator for comics program in Europalia Indonesia 2017-2018, and brought Indonesian comics history and contemporary comics artists to Brussels and beyond. After that, he was a co-curator on Dunia Komik (The World of Comics) exhibition in National Gallery (Jakarta), on April 2018, with senior art critics Jim Supangkat and Iwan Gunawan. He sometimes teaches visual narratives, film theory, and popular culture in Jakarta Arts Institute, SAE Institute Jakarta, and University of Indonesia.

Currently, he is focusing his attention on PABRIKULTUR (pabrikultur.com), a collective that he cofounded since 2014 and now is forming Pabrikultur Reading Space for his 10 thousands collection of books and archives. This reading space would become a habitus for researchers, writers, and general audiences that interested in art and culture.