Ibe S Palogai

Residency Destination: Belanda

Email: [email protected]

Ibe S. Palogai born at Takalar Regency, Sulawesi Selatan on July in1993 from Mandar and Bone blood alloys. Now living and working in Makassar. Active in Katakerja as a librarian. His finished the study from Indonesian Literature Hasanuddin University. In 2016, selected as Emerging Writer at Makassar International Writers Festival and a year later at Ubud Writers and Readers Festival on October 2017 in Bali.

In addition to write poetry, essays, and short stories, he also wrote child’s story books. In 2017, the first child’s story book’s Karaeng Pattingaloang and Daeng Serang was chosen as the winner of National Literacy Reading Competition Contest by Language Centers in South Sulawesi. The same year, the second child’s story book Kisah Raja-raja Gowa selected as in 120 children reading books that organized by Institute for Language Development and Founding. In 2018, his child’s story book Karaeng Pattingaloang and I Maninrori selected again in children’s reading competition by Institute for Language Development and Founding.

His interest in poetry began from the first year were in junior hight school, drop out from boarding school (Pesantren). Since of that, he was more familiar with books. The first book that he bought in his life was a collection of poems Aku Ini Binatang Jalang by Chairil Anwar and broung him to poetry world. Five years later, he published his first book of poetry Solilokui (Indie Book Corner, 2013). After that, since 2014—he did reading and research of the history of the Makassar War, then the results of it for 3 years written in the form of poetry and published Cuaca Buruk Sebuah Buku Puisi (Gramedia Pustaka Utama, 2018).

His poetry, short stories, and esays appeared in local and nation media, Harian Fajar, Tribun Timur, Tempo Makassar, Mojok.co, and Media Indonesia. Some of his works are also contained in anthology; Jejak Sajak di Mahakam (Lanjong Art Festival, 2013), Aku Hati Semesta (Bait Berbisik, 2013), Benang Ingatan (Indie Book Corner, 2016), Surat Cinta dari Makassar (TIM F8, 2016), Dari Timur (GPU, 2017) and others.