Kemala Atmojo

Residency Destination: Destination: USA/ New York Duration of residency: 3 July – 29 September (3 months) Domicile: Jakarta [email protected]  


Kemala  Atmojo  started his journalistic career at Zaman (1983) magazine, followed by Swasembada, Matra and Gatra.  He has been the Chief Editor for various magazines: Humor, Matra, Gamma, Nirvana, Cerita Kita, Business Week and Moviegoers.  In the film industry he held the position of Director in PT Sinema Sejati which produced the large screen movie Sri (1997), the TV series Arjuna Mencari Cinta (1988), and FTV’s Penari and Dalam Bayangan Ibu (1998).  He was Program & News Director for Pasifik TV in Manado (2004).

In addition to being a journalist, he has written several books such as Kami Bukan Lelaki (Grafiti Pers -1986), Sudah Gaharu Super Pula (Pustaka Sinar Harapan - 2003), Kamus Idiom Penting Inggris-Indonesia (Lux Mundi-2003), and edited several books. He was also Chair for the Critics Board at the Indonesia Film Festival (FFI - 2004), Chair of the Short Film Judging Panel at FFI (2013), Head of the Organizing Committee of FFI 2014, Chair of the Judging Panel of FFI in 2015-2016, and Commissioner of Indonesia Film Council (2014-2017). He graduated from STF Driyarkara with a philosophy degree. Currently, he is pursuing a degree in Law.