Koko Hendri Lubis

Residency Destination: Destination: Netherlands/ Den Haag Duration of residency: 19 July - 16 September (2 months) Domicile: Medan [email protected]  


Koko Hendri Lubis, was born in 1977 in Medan. A scholar pop culture & traditional oral in North Sumatera. He has written many articles in several buletines, newspapers and magazines. Some of his books are Bayo Jambu : Story about Mandailing People (2014), Si Muntu, The Bad Person : The oral literature from Mandailing (2014), Kumpulan Buras Mandailing (2015), Hikayat Si Pogos (2015),and Pernikahan Tradisional di Mandailing (2016).

From the research on comics, two books were produced: “Komik Medan, the History of comics development in Indonesia” (2015) and “Taguan Hardjo : Langsung dari dalam Hati” (2016). Besided this, the “Si Bangoen Society” was established together with repatrian Suriname, E. Bismo Hardjo, now making  comics in Medan. Koko Hendri Lubis now manages the Information Centre and Mandailing Documentary (PIDM) in Medan. He is active in Forum Cergam and researches comics at the Pusat Kajian Naratif Fakultas Seni Rupa, Jakarta Institute of Arts.