Kurnia Effendi

Residency Destination: Destination: Netherlands/ Leiden Duration of residency: 1 July - 31 August (2 months) Domicile: Jakarta [email protected]  


Kurnia Effendi was born in Tegal, October 20, 1960. Writing first time for mass media in 1978 through magazine Gadis, Aktuil, and Sinar Harapan newspaper. In the 80's, he participated in many fiction writing competitions and won about 30 awards, 8 of them in first place.

While studying at the Faculty of Art and Design, is active in Grup Apresiasi Sastra ITB. In 1996 he joined the Komunitas Sastra Indonesia until now.  He has been invited to a number of literary events, including the 21st Century Poet Mimbar (DKJ, 1996), Archipelago Nusantara Literary Meeting (1997), Panggung Cerpen Indonesia Mutakhir (TUK, 2003), City Literary Meeting (DKJ, 2003), Biennale International Literary Festival (TUK, 2005), Mitra Praja Utama (Disbudpar, 2008), Ubud Writers and Readers Festival (2010), Bali Emerging Writers Festival (2011), Indonesian-Malaysian Literature Meet (2015), Arts Congress III (Diknas, 2015), Borobudur Writers Cultural Festival (Semana, 2016), National Congress of Indonesian Literature (Badan Bahasa, 2016).

Has has published 20 books composed of poetry anthology, short stories anthology, a set of essays, novels, and memoirs. To mention some books, among others: Bercinta di Bawah Bulan (short stories, Metafor, 2004), Merjan-Merjan Jiwa (novel, Pustaka Kartini, 2009), Mendaras Cahaya (anthology of poetry, Rumah Anggit, 2011), Musim Gugur Telah usai (short stories, Elexmedia, 2013), Teman Perjalanan (short stories, Exchange, 2015). The book Kincir Api (short stories, Gramedia Pustaka Utama, 2005) occupies the shortlist of the Khatulistiwa Literary Award 2006. The book Anak Arloji (short stories, Serambi, 2011) won the literature award of Badan Bahasa 2013. He has written two biographies: Hee Ah Lee, The Four Fingered Pianist (Hikmah, 2006) and Sue Aziz - Beautiful Road to Golden Age (2012).

In addition to writing, he is also a keynote speaker in literary discussions, literary jury, creative writing training instructor, is a freelance editor of several publishers, cultural editor of an online media, literary faculty member and curator of literary festivals. Together with other artist friends, formed Sana Sini Seni Jakarta, which holds a cross art performances stage every month, since August 2016.

After retiring from formal employment at Suzuki automotive company (October 2015), is now fully engaged in the arts and culture. Have a family and live in Jakarta.