A.S. Laksana

A.S. Laksana, born in Semarang, December 25, 1968, pursued journalism for several years after studying Communications at the Gadjah Mada University. He has been a reporter for the daily Java Post, DeTIK Tabloid, DeTAK Tabloid and Investigasi.

His first book, "Podium DeTIK", is a collection of columns he wrote weekly for the DeTIK Tabloid, from the first edition until the tabloid was banned in 1994. Fictional texts include “Bidadari yang Mengembara”, “Murjangkung, Cinta yang Dungu dan Hantu-Hantu” (2013), and “Si Janggut Mengencingi Herucakra” (2015) – these three books are collections of short stories. In 2016, his last book (“Si Janggut Mengencingi Herucakra”) won him a literary award from the Badan Pengembangan dan Pembinaan Bahasa (Language Development Agency) under the category of short stories.

He has written two long stories, “Medan Perang” and “Ular di Tapak Tangan”, each published as a serial in Koran Tempo (Jakarta) and Suara Merdeka (Semarang), but were never published in book form until now. Since 2009, he writes a weekly column called "Ruang Putih" for the Java Post.