Ratih Kumala

Residency Destination: UK

Email: [email protected]

RATIH KUMALA is a professional writer based in Jakarta. Beside fiction, she also writes screenplay for film, TV. Experieced in television/broadcast for over 11 years, and still active at the industry. Starting her writing carier in 2003 when she won Jakarta Art Council Novel Competition for her first novel, Tabula Rasa. In 2012, her novel, Gadis Kretek (Cigarette Girl) was shortlisted nominee for Prose in Khatulistiwa Literary Award. The novel is now publised in English, German and Eigypt-Arabic. While her collected fiction, Bastian dan Jamur Ajaib was longlisted for the same nominee in 2015. Recently she publishes a novelette, Wesel Pos. Until now he has published 7 fictions.