Sartika Sari

Residency Destination: Banyumas

Email: [email protected]

Sartika Sari was born in Medan June 1, 1992. She is active in the Laboratory of Literature (Laboratorium Sastra) in Medan, Omong-Omong Sastra , and several literary discussion forums. She once won the competition of writing and reading poetry, writing short stories, and essays on local and national level. She was elected to be one of the authors in The 2nd Jakarta International Literary Festival (JilFest) 2011, Helat Budaya di Tepian [email protected] Laut Embun Bercerita Desa Malaka¬† Kecil Pelalawan-Riau 2012, Meeting of Poets Archipelago VI in Jambi 2012, Assembly of Southeast Asian Literature in Lembang in 2013, Tangerang Literary Festival 2013, Gathering of Litterateur and Literature Seminar of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia in 2014, The 2nd Indonesian Art Congress in Bandung in 2016, The Eight Countries Poets Gathering in Aceh in 2017, and The Southeast Asia Poets Gathering in Padangpanjang in 2018. She was selected as a researcher in Ford Foundation's grant program through Cipta Media Ekspresi 2018.

Some of her works (Poetry, Short Stories, Articles, Children Stories, Essays) appeared in a number of print media such as Waspada, Medan Bisnis, Analisa, Jurnal Medan, Batak Pos, Mimbar Umum, Buletin Jejak, University of Riau Campus Magazine, Suara Pembaruan, Sinar Harapan, Horison, Haluan Padang, Hari Ini, Majalah Sabana, Majalah Zine, Riau Pos, Indo Pos, Kompas, Media Indonesia, Suara Merdeka, Pikiran Rakyat, Padang Ekspres, Tempo, Jawa Pos, Republika, dan Borneo Kinabalu newspaper. The other works are embedded in various collective  anthologies. Her first anthology Elegi Titi Gantung is a collection of poems published in 2016.