Sergius Sutanto

Residency Destination: Banda Neira

Email: [email protected]

Sergius Sutano, a writer and film director, lives on suburd of Jakarta. Start writing since his childhood and juvenile in various newspapers and magazines (Sinar Harapan, Suara Karya, Suara Pembaruan, Kawanku, and Zaman). He loves very much to take part in writing competitions.

In the 80’s he won the LIPI-TVRI Youth Scientific Work Competition for three times in ‘hattrick’ for the Socio-Cultural field. Having been a journalist in various print and audio media, he worked at PT Indosiar Visual Mandiri for 12 years (1994-2006). The television programs he directed have won the Asian Television Award for several times. His works of two documentary films: “Pengakuan Toekinem” and “Kirab Satu Suro” were selected as the best documentary nominees at the Indonesian SInetron Festival in 1997 and 1998.

He also created a movie entitled “Fantasi” (2004) under the Flying Fish Picture banner. In 2010 he was invited as a contributor from Indonesia for the films “Life In a Day” by Kevin Macdonald and Ridley Scott. A documentary film that records events around the world on one day, July, 24, 2010.

Becoming a freelance filmmaker today, he wants to live his writing more passionante. He has made three biography novels that have been published, HATTA: Aku Datang Karena Sejarah (Published by Mizan, 2013, reissued 2018), MANGUN: Sebuah Novel (Published by Elex Media Komputindo-Gramedia, 2016), and CHAIRIL: Ini Kali Tak Ada Yang Mencari Cinta (Mizan Publisher, 2017). And a collection of poems entitled “TO RUMI” (GiePublishing, 2014). In addition to writing and raising his “LUMBUNG Films” Production House, he is often to be a speaker in writing discussion, crative writing training and a jury of various short film and documentary Competitions.

Writing biographical novels is like making films on paper. Is is very excited. For him it could blend his two professions at once: the Writer and Director.