Zeffry Alkatiri

Zeffry Alkatiri was born in Jakarta on 30 August 1959. Graduated with a Bachelor's degree from the Russian Department at the University of Indonesia in 1986. Graduated from Postgraduate Study in American Regional Studies in 1996. And then graduated from the Postgraduate History Program in 2006. He writes both fiction and non fiction books.

In 2000, his anthology “From Batavia to Jakarta: The History of the Development of the City of Jakarta received the First Prize of the Best Poetry Book from the Jakarta Arts Council.

In 2002 the same book received the First Best Literary Book Prize from the Buku Utama Foundation of Ikapi.

In 2012 his non fiction book Post Kolonial dan Wisata Sejarah dalam Sajak (2012), received the First Prize for the Category of the Best Poetry Book from the Khatulistiwa Literary Award.

Some of his poems have been translated into English, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian and Chinese, His Poetry Book entitled From Batavia to Jakarta in Poetry is translated into two languages (English, German) for the Frankfurt Book Fair 2015.

He attended the Winternachten Literature Festival (Jakarta 2000, Den Haag 2002, and 2008), International Literature Festival (Solo 2001), and the Ubud Writer and Reader Festival (Ubud-Bali 2009).

Having been an editor in the Kita Sama Kita cultural magazine (2003-2004) and once a columnist at Moesson magazine, het Indisch Maanblad in the Netherlands (2004-2006) reviewed the development of the city of Batavia to Jakarta. Writing a research essay on the history of Jakarta in a book called Pasar Gambir, Chinese Comics and Shanghai Ice: Sisi Melik Jakarta in the 1970s (Masup Jakarta 2010) The second essay book about Jakarta entitled Jakarta Has a Way (Masup Jakarta 2012). His other books includes: From Pushkin to Perestroika Value Conflict in the History of Russian Literature Development in the 19-20th Century (FSUI 1999), Democratic Transition in Russian Federation Countries: Analysis of Human Rights Enforcement 1992-2000 (Kobam 2008), Learning to Understand Human Rights (Kobam 2010), Democratic Transitions in Eastern European Countries: Balitik, East Germany, Romania, and the Balkans (YOI 2016).