Take Me Home /web/books/take-me-home Cockatoo loves his friend, the boy who saved her life. She has followed him to the big city… for sometime. And now she feels like she doesn’t belong here. Cockatoo starts searching for woods, or at least a few trees where she can find her kind. Yet, there is nothing. And her home in that far away land is too impossible to reach. Will the boy help her again? A nice story about friendship and environment.
Tales about Love /web/books/tales-about-love Who do you love in this world? Is it your mother, your father, or your brothers or sisters? In this book you can find many sweet stories about love. There is self love, love for an enemy, love for a stranger, love for pets, and love for wild animals. There is even a story about the love of a fairy for a child! Love can be expressed in various shapes. It can be in the shape of a box of chocolate, a coffee bean, a small plant, and a food stall. Love is everywhere. All we need is a smile and a warm heart that is ready to reach out and offer a friendship.
Tales of the Princesses /web/books/tales-princesses “If you want to marry me, you must build 1000 temples for me in just one night.” That was a condition made by Loro Jongrang when she was asked to marry Bandung Bondowoso. It was said to be the legend behind Loro Jongrang Temple in Central Java. Follow the tales of Loro Jongrang, Klenting Kuning, Dayang Sumbi and many other princesses of Indonesian folklores.
The Amazing Me! /web/books/amazing-me Athena watched her friends. They exchanged stories about what kind of talent that they will perform in the Talent Show. Ayla will play her favorite violin. Ryan will amaze everyone with his mysterious magic show. Zia, the poetic girl in class, will read a poem. And Zein will play a guitar for Zia’s poem. But how about Athena? Athena can’t do any magic trick. Or play any instrument. Or even paint something. Athena almost convinced that she has no talent at all, and feel different yet so small between her talented friends.
The Art of Caravan Studio /web/books/art-caravan-studio Publishing artbook has been a tradition of Caravan since 2010. CIRQUE (2010) and KLOVN (2012) artbooks were distributed in South East Asia and gained success among fans. This is the first time Caravan publishes twin artbooks, SUN and STAR. Different from the previous artbooks, SUN and STAR consists of all-new original artworks and concepts from our talented artists. Some of the projects are in the development stage to be translated into comic books, animation series, games and live-action movie.
The Beauty /web/books/beauty In Riau, there are seven very beautiful sisters, and Molek, the youngest one, is the most beautiful. The news of their beauty spreads far and wide. Many men want to marry the sisters, but none succeed until a fish named Jerawan proposes to marry one of them. All of the sisters refuse, except Molek.
The Brave Queen Nukila /web/books/brave-queen-nukila The first time Portuguese arrived at Ternate Kingdom, the Queen, Nukila, welcomed their coming and allowed them to build the fort. Accidentally, their plan to attack the Kingdom revealed. The wise queen had to do something to save her people. What should she do then? A collection of folktales about princesses and princes who lived in Indonesian Archipelago a very, very long time. Each tale containes lots of meaningful values, besides the richness of Indonesian culture.
The Circle of Thank You /web/books/circle-thank-you Diana wants a pair of shoes. Actually, she is desperately need one. She has been waiting for almost a year now. But it turns out, no one gave her what she want. No wonder why she is so furious! Come with Diana to discover the meaning of being grateful, not only by saying thank you, but a lot more fun way to be grateful for all the kindness surround you. This book shows what would happen when “a circle act of “thank you” generates your life into a better one.
The Coolest Scientists’ Encyclopedia /web/books/coolest-scientists%E2%80%99-encyclopedia Science .. the Earth ...the Universe ... Man ... Animals ...Plants Beaver’s nose and ears shut when it is in water. Coal is made of trees that have been dead for millions of years. Photosynthesis is a process of plants to make its own food with the help of sun light. Saturnus rings are made of millions of ice crystals, some are as big as a house, some are as fine as dust.
The Cries of Giant Patma /web/books/cries-giant-patma While Lala The Fly was taking a rest, she heard a strange cry. She flew to find who was crying. Then she smelled rotten smell. She was worried there was an animal hurt somewhere. It turned out that the odor did not come from an animal, but from a giant Padma. A gigantic rare flower that only lived in Indonesia.