Weird and Wicked: Abductions by The Watercress Witches!

Abductions by The Watercress Witches! Karin’s eyes widened when she listened to the story Jitendra, her new best fried, had to tell. According to Jitendra, his mother was abducted by the watercress witches. So did Inggi, Jitendra’s maid’s younger sister. Both their stories seemed alike. Both women were sad, were haunted by nightmares which included giant green birds, both loved going to the watercress garden, and both went missing after eating watercress from the watercress farmers. Karin’s eyes got even wider. Their stories was so much like her. She was sad because she didn’t like her new neighborhood and she started... having nighmates about the giant green birds! Karin was scared.....


Ernita Dietjeria