When Nyu Nyu Meets Pagul

Nyu-nyu the little turtle, moaned because of stomachache. Suddenly he heard a gentle voice greeted him. Nyu-nyu sought to all directions, but no one there. When he tilted back to the water surface, he saw a strange twig. It turned out that it was the twig who spoke to him. Its name is Pagul. Pagul was a fruit of mangrove tree. Pagul were destined to wander on the sea until it finally found the perfect land to grow. Pagul shared his story to Nyu-nyu. Pagul also warned him about the danger of sea pollution. Pagul saw many pollutants that were so dangerous to turtle like Nyu-nyu. Nyu-nyu became cautious. He wished human beings were more careful and thoughtful to the sea he lived in. Presented with beautiful story and colorful illustrations, this book will teach its young readers not only the benevolence, but also the beauty of Indonesia’s diverse flora and fauna. Besides, this book will teach its young readers the importance of caring and saving the environment.


Evi Z. Indriani