Children Book

Thousand Colors of Rainbow

A Million Colors of the Rainbow is a collection of perfect stories for pre-school children. Its fun stories and lively illustrations are very effective to improve and stimulate children since very...


Smart Kids Illustrated Dictionary

This illustrated dictionary answered many questions children have about Islam: about the origin of Islam, the messengers of God, the difference between hadith and sunna, the pillars of Islam, hajj...


Learning Hijaiyah Alphabet (2 Vols)

This book series contains tales inspired by the verses from the Quran and hadith. While reading the stories, children can learn to read and write cursive hajaiyah alphabet. Included in this books...


Gift for Mom: 99 Stories and Best Hadith

There are many name to call the special women who give birth and care for us, Mother, Mom, Mummy, Mama... Whatever the name you choose, one thing is sure: we must respect and love our mothers. It...


A Thousand Months: 300 Story of the Wonder of Quran

Al-Qur’an, the Muslim’s scripture, contains guidance to live our lives and stories from Allah. In the holy book, we can find stories of victory and defeat, sadness and joy, good and evil...


Fun in Pesantren

This book presents story about Fira who studied in an Islamic boarding school (pesantren). Fira is in eighth grade now, So she has become a senior sister who has junior sister at the lower level. She...