Children Book

Eiffel, Help Me!

Who wouldn’t have gone nuts with excitement when offered a parent-free summer vacation in Paris for two whole weeks?

Fay Regina Wiranata---who recently entered her senior year in highschool...


My Doodle Diary: Geography

My Doodle Diary: Geography contains insights of several continents like Asia, Australia, Africa, America, Europe and the countries in each continent. These insights are formed in a mind-map so it’...


Traces of Love

A month had passed since Fay was welcomed into the McGallaghan family.

Leading a nearly perfect life at the McGallaghan’s castle in Paris, Fay tried to pull herself together after she lost...


The End of Journey

The End of Journey is the third book of Fuadi’s trilogy.

Alif feels like he’s standing on top of the world. He travels the globe, his writings are published, and hegraduates with top grades...


The Realm of Three Color

In the second volume of Ahmad’s trilogy that began with Negeri 5 Menara (The Land of Five Towers), Alif has just graduated from Pondok Madani. He wants to learn sophisticated technology in Bandung...


The Last Puzzle

Rumour has it that the Maxwell couple were wizards. Some people also said that they were mad scientists. More and more people claimed that they were aristocrats who ran away to Littlewood. That...