Children Book

Anxiety Myths

 In a writing career spanning more than thirty years, Afrizal Malna has published several major collections of poetry and has seen his poems translated into several languages. Afrizal is...


Man Tiger

An extraordinarily beautiful, sly, ribald, and compulsively readable novel. “After half a century,” writes renowned Indonesia scholar Ben- edict Anderson, “Pramaoedya Ananta Toer has found a...


The Moon's Son

Nono was scared, how could he get lost in the walnut tree? He just wanted to take his bike leaning there. And who was the mysterious black kid that lured him into it? Nono wanted to get out. But...


The Dancer

The Dancer, a trilogy of novels, recounts the tumultuous days of Indonesia in the mid 1960s. The Dancer highlights the lives of Srintil, a dancer, and Rasus, a bewildered young man torn between...


A Test for Prince Samaratungga

Prince Samaratungga fell in love with the beautiful Dewi Tara. When the prince proposed her, Dewi Tara asked him two questions. Prince Samaratungga should think harder in a very short time. Could...


The Brave Queen Nukila

The first time Portuguese arrived at Ternate Kingdom, the Queen, Nukila, welcomed their coming and allowed them to build the fort. Accidentally, their plan to attack the Kingdom revealed. The wise...