The Moon's Son

Nono was scared, how could he get lost in the walnut tree? He just wanted to take his bike leaning there. And who was the mysterious black kid that lured him into it? Nono wanted to get out. But...


The Dancer

The Dancer, a trilogy of novels, recounts the tumultuous days of Indonesia in the mid 1960s. The Dancer highlights the lives of Srintil, a dancer, and Rasus, a bewildered young man torn between...


Before Dawn

This is a collection of poems by Sapardi Djoko Damono dating from 1961 to 2001. Before Dawn follows the poet through the different stages of his life, opening with the 1964 poem, One Night, when he...


31 Cerita Bada Isya 3

31 stories of Bada Isya is one of the best alternative readings of Islamic book for children. Not only for a bedtime stories, but also easy to digest so that the children can take lessons and...


Komik Sunnah Itu Mudah

There are many kinds of Sunnah in our daily life taught by Prophet Muhammad. What are they? One good practice is to wipe your face when you wake up. You will be rewarded for such an easy practice...


The Raid

At the break of dawn, a special force team raids an apartment block inhabited by gang members in Jakarta. The team’s mission is to arrest the owner: a drug lord, murderer and ruthless villain...