Digital Nation: Beyond the Book in Indonesia

With an estimated population of 260 million in 2016, Indonesia is not only the world’s fourth largest country; with more than 80 million active internet users, it is fast becoming one of the world’s most digitized nations as well. In this digital era, the world’s book industry is NOT just about books and Indonesia, with its huge pool of talented and digitally attuned young people is today witnessing an exponential surge in creative content that is suitable for multi-platform uses. With a digitally versatile younger generation at the lead, the country is moving rapidly beyond traditional book publishing and local production houses are gaining well-deserved international attention for their innovative use of animation, games, apps, AR, and film. As the leading provider of and the largest market for creative content in the Southeast Asian region, Indonesia commands a position where both buyers and sellers of creative content are welcome.

Witness as representatives of Indonesia’s digital sector demonstrate both the edginess and the usefulness of their innovative creations.

Club Room National Galery, London Book Fair
Irfan Amalee and Eric Sasono
Jane Showell
Wednesday, March 15, 2017 - 16:00