Spreading the Message of Peace in the Era of Social Media

How do you spread the message the peace and tolerance in an age when even the “bad guys” are masters of social media and using women and children as carriers of destruction? Education is the key and Irfan Amalee, an apps specialist and director of Peace Media Lab in Indonesia is using the creative media to win the hearts of the young in order to spread the message of peace and to break the cycle of violence. As head of Mizan Application Publishers (MAP), Irfan has led the company in the development of applications and games for educational purposes. In June 2013, for instance, the company launched “Love Quran Tab” which is designed to help its users learn the peaceful principles of the Quran in a fun way. Listen to lessons learned in the process of educational app development and explore with Irfan some of the creative media that his company has developed.

University of London, Russell Square
Irfan Amalee
Muhammad Abdel-Haleem
Thursday, March 16, 2017 - 18:00