40 Putri Terhebat, Bunda Terkuat

Hi dear friends! Let us play together! I am Little Cloud and I would like to ask you to join me on a trip beyond space and time. We will meet the greatest princesses and mothers of all time. These women are admirable not only for their beauty, but also for their kindness and their spirit of persistence, their intelligence, and their generosity. There is Mother Eve, the mother of all of us. There is Princess Aisyah, the highly intelligent wife of Prophet Muhammad. You can also read the story of Princess Khaulah who escapes from the strongly guarded Roman prison. Isn’t she brave? There are more interesting and impressive stories about extraordinary princesses and mothers. The book is enhanced by verses of the Quran and pretty illustrations throughout. Reading this book will enlarge your knowledge. So, hop in on my back. Your Uncle Cloud will take you on a ride. Wheeeeezz! “Beautiful illustrations. Bright colors. Exciting stories too.” — Salma Ahnaf Hakim, 4th grade student of Al Ichwan Islamic School, Cikarang-Bekasi “Real stories, concrete examples, appropriately chosen for us to build noble characters.” — Aan Wulandari, mother of two children, a writer and freelance editor.


Tethy Ezokanzo



17 x 24 cm