9 Summers 10 Autumns - From the City of Apples to the Big Apple

It is an inspiring story of hope where the son of a poor minibus driver in Batu, the City of Apples in East Java, went on to become a multinational company director in New York City. Iwan was raised in a “little house” at the foot of Mount Panderman in Batu, East Java, along with 4 sisters and loving parents. His father worked as a minibus driver, while his mother was the glue that held everyone in the family together. In each other, they discovered strength through love and devotion; and together they managed to crawl out of poverty and create new lives for themselves. In 9 summers 10 Autumns, Iwan recounts the first steps he had taken to change his own fate; while celebrating the “little gifts” in life that became, in the end, his saving grace.


Iwan Setyawan


Gramedia Pustaka Utama

13 x 19,5 cm