Before Dawn /web/id/books/dawn
Big Show of the Little Barongan /web/id/books/big-show-little-barongan The Big Barongan has always been the star of the show. He doesn’t need the Little Barongan by his side. But, look! The Peacock feathers fall out of the Big Barongan’s head without him knowing. Now the Little Barongan takes them one by one and puts them on his own. And something weird happens. What is that?
Bloody Mary /web/id/books/bloody-mary According to a legend, if you say the name of Carol or Bloody Mary for three times in front of a dark bathroom mirror, the mirror ghost will come out and hunt you! That’s what America’s The Legend of Bloody Mary says. Fero and Gretha tries to prove it, but the ghost of Bloody Mary still doesn’t appear. Well Bloody Mary doesn’t appear in front of them alright, but it possesses Fero’s favourite doll Mary. The pretty doll then comes alive and becomes vicious. It’s even willing to do extremely outrageous things!
Bo & Friends at Grandpa Ars’ Farm /web/id/books/bo-friends-grandpa-ars%E2%80%99-farm You might have been in a sticky situation, like Angelina who was always teased about her weight or Okta who was accused of stealing by Riri and her gang. How do you think they felt? Unhappy, upset, disappointed, heartbroken, and all! But what did they do to solve their problems? Open this book, and find the enthralling story inside. Together with Bo and friends in Grandpa Ars’ farm, you will learn how to be tough and confident.
Bujang Permai /web/id/books/bujang-permai This is a  story from West Sumatra, telling about a young man who has a dream to become a king and had a beautiful wife. But in the course of his life, the man face lot of obstacles and challenges. But he gets help from animals that he once helped.