Jaka and the Magic Bean Tree /web/id/books/jaka-and-magic-bean-tree A poor boy sold his cow by exchanging it with magic beans.His mother was very angry and threw the beans into the ground. In the next morning, the beans grew into a very tall and big bean stalk. The boy climbed until the top of the tree and found a giant’s house who loved eating children. One day, he took the giant’s precious hen. The giant heard the noisy voice and chased the children by climbing down the bean stalk. Unlucky, he fell down and died when the boy cut out the bean stalk.
Jangi and Janger /web/id/books/jangi-and-janger Jangi was ugly and weak but he was able to help his brother, who was handsome and strong. Families are forever.
Jerry Giraffe and the Giant Butter Cookies /web/id/books/jerry-giraffe-and-giant-butter-cookies The giant butter cookie in the sky became a huge temptation in Jerry Giraffe’s eyes. Driven by his big appetite, the short necked giraffe tried his best to reach it have some bites.
Just Like Butterflies /web/id/books/just-butterflies Living within the boundaries of unrequited love was something that sixteen year old Chantel hated. Adopted from China into what seemingly was the perfect family, Chantel grew up with a scar across her face; a remnant of her past that made her see herself and the world as a terrifyingly ugly place. With the scar; love and everything beautiful was nonexistent. Living within her rebellious cousin’s footsteps, made Chantel sink even further into her own pool of fears, where she slowly realizes that the farthest she could possibly get to a happily ever after at this rate, were her dreams.