Kitab komik Sufi 1, 2, 3 : Kumpulan Kisah Sufi dalam Komik /web/id/books/kitab-komik-sufi-1-2-3-kumpulan-kisah-sufi-dalam-komik

Sufism or Tasawwuf is a method of purifying the soul based on Islamic dogmas that emphasizes the love for Allah, love and tolerance. This book contains a collection of stories laden with wisdom from classic Sufi books and heritage stories in an attractive comic presentation.

KKPK Happy Camp /web/id/books/kkpk-happy-camp Fasya is appointed as leader of this year’s Happy Camp. This is her first time joining Happy Camp and becoming the group leader. Can she bear the responsibility? This is a child’s story about her experience as a group leader for the very first time. What problems occur during a camp, how she solve the problems, and what surprises the children’s face. All told from the perspective of a child.
KKPK Midnight Cry Mystery /web/id/books/kkpk-midnight-cry-mystery Fika is very happy with her new home. The house has a beautiful garden and is larger than their old house. Moreover, now she has her own room. In the past, Fika must share a room with her only sister, Tiana. But, when she woke up in the middle of the first night sleeping in this new room, Fika heard the sound of crying. It gets louder each time. Fika curious. She wanted to peek through the window, but did not dare. She was afraid, if they are not human, but ... ghosts! Is it really ghosts?
KKPK Mystery Nurse /web/id/books/kkpk-mystery-nurse My sister, Yola, was ill. A few days ago, she was vomiting. Finally, she was taken to the hospital. Mama accompanied her there. My father was on duty overseas. I don’t like to stay alone in the house, so every day after school I followed Mom to the hospital. But I was somewhat surprised by the atmosphere there. Every few minutes, there is always a long-haired nurse passes through this room. I wonder what she was doing. I’ve once peeked. But, she’s just going back and forth alone. Who exactly was this nurse?
Komik Cerita Rakyat Indonesia 1 /web/id/books/komik-cerita-rakyat-indonesia-1

How does Grand Vizier Gajah Mada conquer Bali? Why is Malin Kundang changed into stone? How can the small but brave Little Finger marry a princess? You can find these funny, sad and suspense stories in the Indonesian Folktale Comic Strip series. They will entertain you and give you more knowledge about various folktales from all over Indonesia.

Komik Sunnah Itu Mudah /web/id/books/komik-sunnah-itu-mudah

There are many kinds of Sunnah in our daily life taught by Prophet Muhammad. What are they? One good practice is to wipe your face when you wake up. You will be rewarded for such an easy practice. This book contains 20 simple stories that teach us about Sunnah and help us practice it in our daily life.