The Kite Song /web/id/books/kite-song
The Land of Five Towers Series /web/id/books/land-five-towers-series Alif had never set foot outside of West Sumatra. He passed his childhood days searching for fallen durian fruit in the jungle, playing soccer on rice paddies, and swimming in the blue waters of Lake Maninjau, His mother want him to attend an Islamic boarding school, a pesantren, whiile he dreams of public high school. Halfheartedly, he follows his mother’s wishes. He finds himself on a grueling threeday bus ride from Sumatra to Madani Pesantren (MP) in a remote village on Java. On his first day at MP, Alif is captivated by the powerful phrase man jadda wajada.
The Last Puzzle /web/id/books/last-puzzle

Rumour has it that the Maxwell couple were wizards. Some people also said that they were mad scientists. More and more people claimed that they were aristocrats who ran away to Littlewood. That was all Laura knew about her neighbours. Laura never thought that, in reality, they were even more enigmatic than what was described in the juicy gossips. Behind the white house on Eddington Street, there were a cluster of logical puzzles, a complicated paradox about a certain barber and an obsession with a more than 300-year-old unsolved mathematical equation.

The Little Finger /web/id/books/little-finger A man and wife in Jambi desperately want a child. Their prayers are heard, but their son is only the size of a little finger. He does not grow any bigger as he gets older, but when an evil giant destroys the village, only he can outsmart the giant. When the village is safe, the little finger asks for the king’s daughter to be his wife.
The Little Postman /web/id/books/little-postman The Little Postman is a story about hope, bravery and courage to find a self-identity and it took a place in a fiction land named Storytopia. In Storytopia, human, elf, dwarf and giant called HUMER, because they always hummed their hum. Animal and insect classed called HOPER, because they always have a hope for a better living place in nature. The last class called, FLUTTER and they are fairy.
The Missing Rocks /web/id/books/missing-rocks The frogs miss the rocks, the glorius stage of their choir. People have taken the rocks, which has made the riverbank not only very quiet, but also unstable. Because there are no rocks to hold the bank, the slope slides slowly. If only, yes if only, people are more careful when choosing which rock to take, they do not have to ruin everything.
The Moon Boy /web/id/books/moon-boy
The Moon's Son /web/id/books/moons-son

Nono was scared, how could he get lost in the walnut tree? He just wanted to take his bike leaning there. And who was the mysterious black kid that lured him into it? Nono wanted to get out. But inside the tree, existed a different world. He arrived in the Dutch colonial period! It was not the worst. There were many other strange things. For example, a beautiful blue-eyed girl who could turn into a canary, hordes of Black Ants, and the moon son. What kind of world was this? Nono wanted to return home to his great-grandfather in Wlingi.

The Most Beautiful Days of a Moslem Child /web/id/books/most-beautiful-days-moslem-child Hi friends, what days do you think are most beautiful? According to our eight friends, the most beautiful days are those that coincide with important Islamic days: Eid, Ramadhan, Eid Adha, and many more. For example, our friend Fitri, who lives in London. According to her, the month of Ramadhan is the most beautiful month. Fitri is grateful for the month although she has to fast for 18 hours. Let us read how Fitri misses the beauty of Ramadhan in Indonesia.
The Mystery of the Old City /web/id/books/mystery-old-city A mysterious old man is spying on Beno’s house! Beno follows the mysterious old man. But the old man is said to be missing after quarreling with a man with a scar. With the helo of his new friends, Sari and Ito, Beno investigates the old parts of the city where he lives. Their clue is a cut of an old newspaper in Chinese characters. Situation grows even more threatening when Beno and Sari are stalked, and... Ito is kidnapped! What is actually going on in this old city? Why does everybody seem to be so interested in the old newspaper cut with Chinese characters?