The Outcast /web/id/books/outcast It’s about them who were casted out due to their belief in this beautiful country. Lombok, January 2011
The Owl Yearning for the Moon /web/id/books/owl-yearning-moon Pungguk fell in love with Princess Purnama Bulan, a princess of the moon. However, because of their differences in caste of society, they cannot be united. One day the guards suspected Pungguk approached the princess. They beat him to death then trew the body into a lake. His body was moldy that amazingly turned into birds. Those birds flew to the earth to leave Pungguk’s sadness. When the moon is full, the birds perched in sad voice and called “Pungguk… Pungguk..!” They really missed for the moon.
The Problem With Adult /web/id/books/problem-adult How does it feel when our parents are divorced? Surely we feel sad, but we must not remain in sadness. In this book Lulu share stories about her parents divorce. Lulu said, sometimes small childrens does not understand the problems of adults , but they want to do the best for their children.
The Question of Red /web/id/books/question-red Amba went to Buru island. She was looking for her loved?one. The man who gave her a out of wedlock child. The mas was Bhisma, a Leipzig graduate doctor that went missing because he was detained by the New Order government and banished to Buru island. When the camp was disbanded and the detainees were sent home, Bhisma never returned. This historical novel tells the about the love and life of Amba, a teacher’s daugther in a small town in Central Java. “I wan raised in Kadipura. I grew up in the family that reads ancient manuscripts.” But then she left her town.
The Raid /web/id/books/raid

At the break of dawn, a special force team raids an apartment block inhabited by gang members in Jakarta. The team’s mission is to arrest the owner: a drug lord, murderer and ruthless villain named Tama. The raid that goes smoothly in the beginning turns into a nightmare. As soon as Tama finds out about the raid, he blocks all exits and commands all tennants to exterminate the special force. Trapped and surrounded, the members of the team have to fight their way out on each floor to complete the mission and stay alive.

The Rainbow Troops /web/id/books/rainbow-troops-0 Ikal is a student at Muhammadiyah Elementary, on the Indonesian island of Belitong, where graduating from sixth grade is considered a major achievement. His school is under constant threat of closure. In fact, Ikal and his friends - a group called The Rainbow Troops - face threats from every angle: pessimistic, corrupt government officials; greedy corporations hardly distinguishable from the colonialism they’ve replaced; deepening poverty and crumbling infrastructure; and their own faltering self-confidence.
The Rainbow Troops /web/id/books/rainbow-troops Published in Indonesia in 2005, The Rainbow Troops, Andrea Hirata's closely autobiographical debut novel, sold more than five million copies, shattering records. Now it promises to captivate audiences around the globe.
The Realm of Three Color /web/id/books/realm-three-color

In the second volume of Ahmad’s trilogy that began with Negeri 5 Menara (The Land of Five Towers), Alif has just graduated from Pondok Madani. He wants to learn sophisticated technology in Bandung like Habibie, and then go to America. Spirit on fire, he returns to Maninjau and looks forward to college until his best friend Randai points out he will not be admitted without a high school diploma. How can he achieve his dream? He studies to break through the hard challenge. One after the other, storms keeps coming in.

The Sinking of the Crust Boat /web/id/books/sinking-crust-boat A monkey named Jahil loved disturbing other animals. Unfortunately, he made a mistake that caused a bird died. Kuntul, a brother of the bird, was very sad to hear about it, but he did not take vengeance on Jahil. They later got a journey together by boat tough Jahil did some foolish actions that caused terrible risks. As the boat was sinking, Kuntul tried hard to save Jahil’s life. Finally, Jahil promised to him not to disturb other animals any more.
The Son of The Dawn /web/id/books/son-dawn This is the first of Bung Karno Series’ nine volumes. This biography won 2004 Adikarya IKAPI award, an award given to high quality books. This book shows how since his childhood, Soekarno had had a leadership talent and strong determination to study. It’s also revealed that his father was strict and he sometimes experienced bitter moments.