The Story of Days /web/id/books/story-days Join Andy, Linda, Dodo, and Mimi in making the best out of their days. In the book, you will read about funny things they do and amazing experiences they have in a full week. Andy and Linda also want to share things that they learn so you can learn together with them. With Math problems to solved, Science experiments to do, and Special Project to make, you will find your days both joyful and fruitful.
The Story of Giant Kebo Iwo /web/id/books/story-giant-kebo-iwo A giant named Kebo Iwo needed a lot of food for his meals. He would be so angry when he was hungry but nobody gave him food. On the other hand, he became kind-hearted and helpful when his stomach was full. One day, he helped the villagers to dig a deep well. Accidently, Kebo Iwo burried in the well as the heavy rain fell down for several days. Soon, the area near the well became a lake named Batur Lake.
The Whale Who Wants to be A Mermaid /web/id/books/whale-who-wants-be-mermaid Haily could no longer resist her loneliness. She doesn’t have any friend since there are barely other creatures that live deep down the ocean. Oh, there are one or two grumpy old fishes with a scary face. Unfortunatly, the don’t play with the other fish. They eat them. No wonder, Haily is trying so had to be accepted as one of the coolest group of mermaids. The only problem is Hailey is a whale, not a mermaid. Let,s follow Hailey’s story to learn about how awesome diversity is and how to handle differences with children
The Youngest Frog /web/id/books/youngest-frog This story comes from Southeast Maluku. There was a mother who has seven sons, and the youngest is a frog. As the boys grow up, they want to venture out into the world and find their fortune. The older brothers leave the frog on an island, where a giant gives him a magic axe.
Thousand Colors of Rainbow /web/id/books/thousand-colors-rainbow A Million Colors of the Rainbow is a collection of perfect stories for pre-school children. Its fun stories and lively illustrations are very effective to improve and stimulate children since very young age. With their eyes, children can see the seven colors of rainbow. Encourage them to see with their hearts to discover that the rainbow has a million colors.
Tidy Up, Cindy! /web/id/books/tidy-cindy Cindy’s bedroom is so messy.There are just piles of candy with several ants here and there. Dirty socks. Bitten apple. Broken toys. Stationaries. But Cindy insists that her room is not messy at all. Since she is the one who lives there, it doesn’t matter. But, is she really the only one who lives there? Jump in to the adventure with Cindy to learn the meaning of taking care of your own room and belongings.
Tiko and Tidut /web/id/books/tiko-and-tidut Seven little mice were playing hide and seek.  But a mouse called Tiko could not be found. Tidut and the other mice were confused trying to find him. Uh-oh … it turned out that Tiko had fallen asleep in his hiding place.
Toy Box Mystery /web/id/books/toy-box-mystery In the middle of the night, Dani heard a commotion in the playroom. O-ow! Apparently, the noise is coming from the toy box! Surprisingly, Dani is shrinking with every step he takes over the toy box. What would happen to him next? A hilarious story with bright colorful illustrations, sure to become a child’s favorite.
Traces of Love /web/id/books/traces-love

A month had passed since Fay was welcomed into the McGallaghan family.

Leading a nearly perfect life at the McGallaghan’s castle in Paris, Fay tried to pull herself together after she lost both of her parents. She also tried to blend in with the other family members, including Kent and Reno. At the same time, she became close with Enrique Davalos, a cute Venezuelan boy with buzz cut hair whom she met at a cafe.

Two Mothers /web/id/books/two-mothers In this life, there are two kinds of mother. First, a name for a woman who delivers the child. Second, a name for a woman who sacrifices her happiness for the sake of someone’s else child happiness. And she did it happily. The most special mothers are mothers that has both qualities. I can tell you now, because I had such mother.