Collection of Stories of Friends of the Earth

The Earth is getting older. Air pollution, water pollution, and increasing waste have caused more damages to the Earth. Can we do something to help the Earth? Yes, we can! This book will introduce you to your friends, “Friends of the Earth.” They do many simple and exciting activities that keep and take care of the Earth, for instance by making hanging gardens, waste clearing marsh, garbage banks, and many more. You can also do the same. Little things that you do bring great use. The Earth belongs to all of us. We have to preserve and protect it! Protecting the Earth is the responsibility of all of us. The earlier we introduce this idea to children, the easier it is to instill care for environment in children. This book is a good way to respond to the current environmental issues and the right media to introduce simple ways to take care of the Earth. It contains interesting but applicative stories with attractive illustrations. We hope that Indonesian children can show their concrete actions for the sake of a better future. Prof. Dr. Emil Salim, Minister of Environment of the Republic of Indonesia 1983-1993, Presidential Advisory Council, Member of the Environmental and Sustainability Affairs (2007-2010).


Watiek Ideo & DK Wardhani