The Cries of Giant Patma

While Lala The Fly was taking a rest, she heard a strange cry. She flew to find who was crying. Then she smelled rotten smell. She was worried there was an animal hurt somewhere. It turned out that the odor did not come from an animal, but from a giant Padma. A gigantic rare flower that only lived in Indonesia. The Giant Padma named Jantanz. Jantanz told Lala about his life. Jantanz cried because he was worried he would not be able to reproduce. Lala promised to help Jantanz to find female flower so that they can reproduce. Fortunately, Lala found Betinanz, the female flower. Let’s follow the story of Lala The Fly and her friends, the Giant Padmas. Presented with beautiful story and colorful illustrations, this book will teach its young readers not only the benevolence, but also the beauty of Indonesia’s diverse flora and fauna. Besides, this book will teach its young readers the importance of caring and saving the environment.


Evi Z. Indriani