Eiffel, Help Me!

Who wouldn’t have gone nuts with excitement when offered a parent-free summer vacation in Paris for two whole weeks?

Fay Regina Wiranata---who recently entered her senior year in highschool---experienced such excitement when her parents told her that they had enrolled her in a two-week French course in Paris. But once she set foot in the city, her excitement was gone in a puff when a stranger kidnapped her and asked her to pretend to be a Malaysian girl named Seena.

Since then, Fay led a double life for two weeks: she spent her mornings learning French and her evenings practicing to be Seena. Another problem arose when Fay fell in love with Kent, a Brit-boy, the kidnapper’s nephew. Her life got even more complicated when Reno, a boy she met on her course, showed an unrestrained dislike to her relationship with Kent. What would happen to Fay and Kent? What kind of surprise did she get when she played Seena? What did the kidnapper want?


Clio Freya